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When it comes to working with a real estate agent, there are many ways you can benefit from choosing a professional. But it can be challenging to find the right real estate agent to work with, especially if you have no prior experience in real estate.  This becomes even more complicated when trying to choose the best real estate agent in Marco Island, FL.

Working with the right real estate professional is essential. Year after year, the statistics come in that a good real estate agent can save you 12% or more vs selling the home on your own!  The challenge is finding a good realtor!   Here are a few important things to consider when choosing a Marco Island real estate agent to work with.

How Long Have They Been Selling Real Estate?

This is important as you want to work with someone experienced, who knows the area and the market. Experience is not always equal to success, but a real estate agent who has been in business for many years must have achieved success to be able to still be working in the industry, as it is such a challenging industry to be in.

Jim McGregor of Harborview Realty has over 25 years of real estate experience.   

How many home buyers & sellers have they worked with?

Try to find a Marco Island real estate agent who has worked with both buyers and sellers. This is to ensure they have a wider perspective of all the factors involved in buying and selling real estate, so that they can give you an informed, experienced opinion and manage your needs as best possible. If you have one real estate agent to oversee the entire process, you don’t have to work with multiple people when your home is sold and it comes to the transfer process.

Harborview Realty works with buyers, sellers, property owners/landlords and renters! 

What areas do they cover?

You will often find agents who are experts in a specific area, as well as those who will travel far and wide to make a sale.  It’s best to find someone with experience in Marco Island yet knows when they can’t realistically bring you excellent service.   Imagine if you were looking in Clermont Fl as well as Marco Island.  You wouldn’t want the same agent!   You do want someone who is hungry yet experienced, because you want someone who will go the extra mile and have knowledge of the broader market, but at the same time one who is experienced in local Marco Island real estate so that you can find the best possible solution when it comes to selling your property or buying a new home.   This is important because different areas often have different MLSs, different rules and different HOA customs.     It’s not uncommon to have Naples based real estate agents attempt to help home buyers and sellers in Marco Island and cost the clients thousands!

Harborview Realty lives and works in Marco Island. 

Do they work alone or as part of a team?

When agents work within a team it’s often a good thing as they share experiences, have access to more information and experience, and have the capacity to find a customized solution for your specific real estate needs. However, it should be noted upfront whether you will work with a specific Marco Island real estate agent or with the whole team, to know who your point of contact is, and who the responsible agent will be.

Harborview Realty has a team to be able to deliver better service.  However, for all important decisions you only deal with the best Marco Island Realtors.

What can you expect in terms of communication?

This is also very important as you need to know exactly what you can expect when working with your Marco Island real estate agent.  You should both know how often you will be updated and keep updated with their progress. Also discuss the best contact methods to keep everyone in the loop, so that you are comfortable with proceedings.  This might seem like a fluff recommendation, but you’d be surprised to find that many clients get upset about communication only to realize that the agent had been emailing or texting when the client wanted a phone call.

Do they have references?

Find out if you can get a few references to get feedback on how they work, their success rate, and their overall methods used to get a property listed and sold. Ask specific questions if you want, but make sure you are comfortable with the agent you choose to work with.

Do they have questions for me?

This is important, as a Marco Island real estate agent will want to know what your priorities are, what you expect, and how they can make sure they give you the best service possible. It’s not just about the property’s details; it’s about you and what you want to achieve. If they can provide a goal-centered service, they will be worth working with.