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The Marco Island runs along the Gulf of Mexico and is situated in southwestern Collier County. It has an area of 24 square miles and features 6 miles of beach and 100 miles of water bodies. It is the only developed island among Florida’s Ten Thousand Islands.   You can find condos as part of big communities and condos. On the other hand, you can also go for single family homes. You can also choose from waterfront condos in communities like Twin Dolphin, beachfront condos at Hideaway Beach Club and garden condos at Cape Marco.

Buying a condo in Marco island may just be one of your better decisions. Here is a look at what makes it a good bet.  TripAdvisor even rated Marco Island as the number one island in the United States.

Top Condos Of Marco Island

A Little Bit About Marco Island Real Estate

The median sales price of the condos hover around $605,000 and the median price per square feet is $374. The price is lower than many parts of the country such as LA where the prices revolve around $425. You can also think of renting a condo and be ready to pay the median price of $3,400. The price is a bit higher than other cities such as LA.

The price of condos in Marco Island depend on their location and the total area. For example, a multi-family condo can cost anything between $115,000 to $9,900,000; You get around 406 square foot of space for the cheap price while the higher tag comes with 13,500 square foot.  You also get a lot of amenities like security guards and some condos even have access to private beach. The condos are also located in secure and peaceful communities with access to good schools and other facilities.

Pets are also allowed in the condos and some of them even let you keep 2 pets. All condos in Marco Island makes room for a pet of up to 25 lbs. You have to pay maintenance fees for the condos which are used to supply the amenities and keep the communities safe and secure. The average maintenance fee can run up to $1,000 while you may find lower fees of around $350 for some smaller condos. The average maintenance fee that you have to pay can range between $400 and $600.

Best Condos For Sale in Marco Island

There are some popular condos that people like to live in. We will take a look at a few of them.

Twin Dolphins

The Twin Dolphins condos are located in Isles of Capri and offer spectacular gulf views and amenities along with some beautiful natural spots. The luxurious condos are mostly waterfronts and offer anything from 2,900 square foot to 4,700 square foot in respect of area.

Hideaway Beach Club

Located at the northwest part of Marco Island, this gated community gives you access to your private beach with a sprawling golf club. You will find many beach condos offering amazing views of the Isles of Capri and the beach.  The average price of the condos is around $962,180 while you can get a condo for as less as $115,000.  (Find out more facts about Hideaway Beach Club)


If you want to have a personal marina for your boat then you will prefer the condos located in Pier 81 and Esplanade. The homes in Pier 81 are built in 2001 and range between 1,900 square foot and 2,200 square foot in area.The Esplanade has waterfront condos and boat-slip marinas and situated in the Smokehouse Bay. The homes are built in 2003 and can have multiple bedrooms and bathrooms.


Madeira is located right beside the beach and is among the newest buildings being constructed in 2006. The condos feature a traditional European construction and range between 2,631 square foot and 6,500 square foot.

The Belize At Cape Marco

Cape Marco is situated in the southwest part of Marco Island and offers big and luxurious condos. The average selling price of homes is around $2,975,700 while you may be lucky enough to bag one for as low as $769,000.  More coverage is on our Belize Blog Post

There is a lot to do when you’re in Marco Island. What’s the first thing that you plan to do once you buy a condo?