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Marco Island Florida First Time Homeowner

Home Ownership in Marco Island Florida

Here in Marco Island Florida, we have many types of people looking to buy property. We have full-time residents, seasonal residents, investors and a combination of these different groups as well. Dealing with such a diverse set of people, we at Harborview Realty are trained to be able to help people reach their specific goals. Every buyer is different and no two buyers should be treated alike. Everyone has their own idea of what they are looking for in a Marco Island home or condo. Does the buyer like to work on a home and want a project house? Do they want a home that doesn’t require much immediate attention? Does the person want minimal maintenance and finds a specific condo more of their style of living? Let’s find out what you envision as your dream scenario and help you find it!

Thinking about buying a home in Marco Island?

Home ownership can come with many privileges and we want to make sure that you are fully prepared for this step. How can we help? We like to help our customers figure out their fees in addition to just their mortgage. Some of those fees can include taxes, CDD/HOA/condo fees, landscaping maintenance, home maintenance and pool maintenance. Let us help you make this process more transparent.

Questions for you:

Are you ready?

What does being ready to purchase mean? While there are the joys of purchasing a property, part of the process is making sure that a buyer has the ability to make the necessary repairs that can come along with the property as well as keeping up with the regular maintenance.


One of the biggest questions is what can a buyer afford. A good agent will also know if the potential buyer is financially comfortable should they purchase a particular property. One of the first things we like to help buyers with is to put them in touch with a credible lender if they do not know one already. A mortgage lender can help a potential buyer figure out important questions such as a potential buyers debt to income ratio and help determine a budget for their dream home.

Let us help you!

The first step is finding the right agent. What determines the right agent? Each buyer is different, but no matter who the buyer is, the best agent for the job can make a tremendous difference in helping you find your dream home.

Preparation in the buying process is extremely important. By preparing, the buyer will have their objectives clearly in front of them, what they need in a home and potential desires that they have as well. It will allow the buyer to stay the course and enjoy the process of looking for their dream home!

While looking for a buyer’s dream home, it is also a good opportunity for a buyer to find the right closing agent to assist with the closing process once the home is located. In our area, a buyer can use a title company or attorney to assist in the closing process. If a buyer doesn’t have a relationship with either, we can help provide references of both title companies and attorneys that may be a suitable fit for the buyer’s needs.

Once we locate the “right” property, we will help the buyer make an offer. This process entails writing the contract, preparing the buyer for possible counter offers, explaining possible contingencies and preparing to make a first and possibly second deposit among other things.

Once the contract is agreed upon, then the terms of the contract must be completed. There is a time for inspections that must be completed and we can help find a reputable home inspector to help complete this process. Depending on the results of the inspection, we may need to ask for certain material items to be corrected and help negotiate and navigate this process.

Lastly, before closing, the buyer is entitled to a final walkthrough usually performed 24-48 hours prior to closing. In this last process, the buyer can make sure that all agreed upon items were performed.

While this just touches on the basics of the home buying process, one can see the importance of hiring the right agent to navigate through this process. Please reach out to us with any questions. We would like to make this process as easy as possible for you.

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