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Many people love the idea of moving to a new area to experience the finer things in life. The appeal of sun-soaked beaches and gentle waves captures the imagination of many prospective residents. Where can you move to experience all of these popular attributes? A lot of people find the prospect of relocating to Marco Island, Florida as the best option to make their dreams into reality.

Before you start packing up the boxes, you should be well aware of what the city has to offer you and your family. You should be on the lookout for decent schools, lots of community activities, and a relatively affordable area.

How will Marco Island, FL compare to many of the other popular destinations that have a similar setting?

Take the time to do all of the necessary research before you pack a single box. You may be in for the move of a lifetime in Marco Island, FL but you will want to read this guide to its major advantages first.

Marco Island School Information

Have you considered what a possible move would mean for your child’s education? Factoring in the quality of the local school districts is a great starting point for parents who aren’t sure whether a move is in their family’s best interests. After all, academics have the potential to drastically alter your child’s future success in college and beyond.

You do have some school choice within the state of Florida. If a neighboring district is willing to accept your student, parents can request an out-of-district transfer. In the case of Marco Island, this is likely to be a major inconvenience for parents though. Many of the schools outside of the district are going to be quite a distance away, and you may be responsible for the transportation.

You may not even find it necessary to request a different school. The public-school system in Marco Island, FL is relatively highly-rated in comparison to many other parts of the state. While other school districts may be struggling with low test scores, minimal student progress, and disparity among the students of lower-income households, Marco Island sees very little of that strife.

According to popular rating system GreatSchools, all of the schools in Marco Island receive a score of six or higher. The elementary school (Tommie Barfield Elementary School) and the middle school (Marco Island Charter Middle School) received scores of eight and nine respectively.

The lowest rating was given to the high school, Marco Island Academy. Even here, this final campus received a rating of six.

Private schools are also available on the island, though ratings for these campuses are unavailable.

As a whole, these scores could represent good academic standards for your child. Florida state is known for having an excellent academic system, ranking at 29th in the entire nation for higher education and mandatory education combined. This high status is perhaps most impressive when you consider that they are the top state for higher learning opportunities.

If you want to move to an area that sets your child up for scholarly success, Marco Island, FL could be the best spot. You receive excellent schools for their formal schooling years as well as the best opportunities for higher education in the country. Unlike other areas that offer subpar educational opportunities, your student is likely to find lots of things they enjoy participating in within this local school district.

Marco Island Parks and Recreation

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When there’s a lull in your weekend, most people try to get out and around the town. It helps to have this short respite from the routine of the house, particularly if there are several free places you can spend time nearby. The children will appreciate burning off some energy and building wonderful family memories throughout the summer seasons in Marco Island, Florida.

There are so many activities and parks that you can visit in this beautiful seaside town. Many people choose to move into the area because of its access to sandy beaches and crystal-clear waters. It doesn’t disappoint, with many access points to beaches like Tigertail Beach, Residents’ Beach, and South Beach. There’s even a small community park right along the shore known as Caxambas Park.

In the middle of the island, you’ll find several community-maintained parks, such as:

• Winterberry Park
• Calusa Park
• Frank E. Mackle Park
• Veterans Community Park
• Founders Park
• M. Jane Hittler Park
• Leigh Plummer Park

Beyond spending an afternoon on the lush green grass, you can also soak up the sun at their Marco Island Community Sailing Center. You can take lessons or simply enjoy the water in this area. Residents can learn the basics they need in order to enjoy one of the most popular pastimes for this tropical island spot.

Pet lovers will find plenty of opportunities to let their pooch play at the Canine Cove. You can allow your dog to roam free through the fenced-in area and burn off excess energy at the end of a long workday while you sit back and relax. Play a few games of fetch and let your canine mingle with others while the sun sets.

Throughout the year, you can also visit the local Marco Island Farmer’s Market, located at Veterans Community Park. Purchase local goods from farmers, artists, and more as you browse through the various vendor spots. You can even enjoy the sounds of live music while you shop and take in the scenery around you. The number of vendors available at the farmer’s market is relatively extensive so you’re sure to get a great glimpse of what Marco Island, FL is really all about.

There’s always something going on in the seaside town at Marco Island. You can go shopping, sailing at the community center, or lounge on the beach with a good book. No matter what you’re looking forward to most, your family is certain to find activities they love in the highly desirable area surrounding Marco Island.

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Marco Island Housing Prices

If you’ve been planning a move to the beautiful Marco Island, Florida area, you may be in for a surprise when it comes to their housing prices. Many people envision moving to Florida to live out their golden years or simply to enjoy the sunshine for a period of time. It’s a popular destination state because many of the more well-known cities have a relatively low cost of living, particularly due to their housing costs.

Unfortunately, Marco Island doesn’t have the same draw as areas such as Kissimmee or Davenport.

The housing costs for Marco Island are substantially higher than many of the surrounding areas. In fact, the median home value for this town is approximately $522,100, but the median list price is much higher at $669,250 – making the median price point luxury real estate by definition for much of the country.. The average square foot price is approximately $390. These prices can quickly put the dream of living in Marco Island out of reach for potential home buyers.

The news isn’t all bad though. The majority of the country is seeing an increase in home prices over the course of this year, but the opposite is true for this pricey part of town. Over the past year, the home values have declined by more than five percent. Experts are predicting that the trend will continue with another one percent price decrease by the end of the year. Mostly due to the impact of the hurricanes.

You may still be considering a move to the Marco Island area despite the high home costs. Perhaps you’re thinking that renting would be a much cheaper alternative to purchasing your own home. Generally speaking, this tends to be true but rent prices are also extremely high.

The average tenant can expect to pay roughly $3,600 per month for their rental home.  There are however, somewhat more affordable options within the condos for sale in Marco Island.

For some individuals, it may be worthwhile to pay more for their housing expenses in order to live in a safer part of town. Marco Island is tucked safely away from popular tourist destinations and areas that are rather crime-ridden. Based on the recent reports, most of Marco Island, FL is relatively safe.

The primary criminal activity for the area is theft, which makes sense given the higher home values and cost of living. The second most common offense is traffic violations.

Moving to this area tends to be so tempting that many residents refuse to leave once they settle down. The median move-in year for Marco Island is in 2002, more than fifteen years ago. This clearly demonstrates that when you purchase a home in this area, you’re planning to stay for a long time. After all, the city has so much to offer its residents.

Marco Island Cost of Living Comparison

RiversideHow far will your dollar stretch if you do decide to relocate to Marco Island, Florida? Taking a closer look at the cost of living in an area can give you a better sense of the affordability. With all of these things in mind, you can closely review your budget to see if your current salary can accommodate the real costs of moving to Marco Island, FL.

To begin, you should take a look at the rating offered by Sperling’s Best Places. This company is responsible for rating each city in comparison to the average cost of living across the country. The United States cost of living is placed at an even one hundred on their scale, allowing other cities to make a quick comparison.

The score for Marco Island, Florida is extremely high at 157.6. This indicates that the cost of living is more than 50 percent higher than the national average cost of living. It could take quite a bit of work in order to afford a comfortable lifestyle in this area.

As you may expect, the largest contributing factor to their extreme score is housing costs. They compare rent prices to those in the rest of the state and the country as a whole to see how Marco Island stacks up. Unfortunately, it is roughly fifty percent higher in almost every situation.

This isn’t the only area that has greater expenses though. You can also expect to pay more for your groceries and your transportation costs. Other areas, including entertainment and healthcare, tend to be in line with the national averages.

Take time to consider whether your current budget can accommodate the higher cost of living if you move to Marco Island, Florida. This is an excellent time to evaluate your job prospects in the area and what your salary could potentially increase to upon a relocation. A detailed budget will be necessary in order to assess your financial stability when it comes to a move of this nature.

Is your company willing to move you to Marco Island, FL but you aren’t sure you can afford it? Talking with your manager about a potential cost of living raise may be a good idea before you make a final decision regarding your relocation. It’s better to be prepared financially for the move instead of finding out that it is unaffordable once you arrive.

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Moving to Marco Island Conclusion

It’s undeniable that the town of Marco Island has a lot to offer prospective residents who want delightful scenery and warm beaches. The schools offer excellent opportunities for avid students, and families will never run out of things to do on the weekend. This idyllic spot is perfect for raising a family in the years ahead. The question is, can you really afford to live here?

The high cost of living and housing prices could influence your final decision on whether Marco Island, Florida is the right place for you. A close look at your budget could demonstrate that you lack the necessary financial status to accommodate the extreme price increases in the area. Don’t allow yourself to be sidetracked by the beauty if you know this isn’t an area that you can afford.

For those who have a higher annual income, Marco Island could be a dreamy location to spend your days, basking in the beachy sunshine. Take time to evaluate what you want most out of life to determine if relocating to Marco Island, Florida could be right for you.