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Harborview Marketing Ideas

The Marketing Plan Basics

The key is in the planning. To have a successful marketing campaign, you need to have the structure to put it together. Let’s go through the basics of our comprehensive marketing plan.

Pricing the home correctly

Pricing a home correctly is the most critical part of marketing your property. How do we help determine the correct price? We will put together a comprehensive market analysis to help find a price to make your property competitive in the market.

Getting your property in front of the audience

At Harborview, we believe in a proactive approach to marketing your home. While we won’t give away all of our secrets in this area, here are some of the key components to helping you sell your property. We will always start by displaying your property in the local MLS. Here at Harborview, we are members of two MLS boards, so that we can maximize the exposure on our listings. Some other items we like to start with are displaying the property in an array of publications including the local newspaper and other real estate books as well as figuring out ways to maximize your online exposure. Take this website for example. it is a great source of driving people to your listing. We will display your listing on over 900 websites. We will always ask the customer if there are any features they would like to emphasize about their property to ensure that the key features of each property are well established by anyone reading about the property. Contact us, we would enjoy the opportunity to go further in depth about our effective marketing plan for your property.


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